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Leading the way in service for the Compliance Industry

Eurofins CML are dedicated to providing market leading services and standards in the Global Compliance Industry. We understand that with essential product compliance, time to market, technical accuracy and value for money are critical. We provide a level of service that is incomparable within our industry.

Eurofins CML provide hazardous area product certification and supporting services such as functional safety, quality management systems, training and technical support. Alongside this we can provide access to worldwide markets through our International Certification Support Scheme

Alongside this we can provide access to worldwide markets through our market access service.


Since our formation in 2013 Eurofins CML have quickly grown into a world renowned provider of ATEX product approvals. With a team of expert assessment and test engineers we provide a responsive, competent, credible and innovative approach to product approvals that leads the way in the provision of ATEX certificates and related services.

IECEx Certification

Since being appointed in April 2014 as an official test laboratory and certification body we have issued hundreds of the internationally recognised IECEx certificates in many countries. By using Eurofins CML’s IECEx test and assessment reports which provide compliance with the IEC standards we can enable manufacturers of equipment for use in hazardous areas to obtain approvals in International markets.

UKCA Certification

As a UK Notified Body, Eurofins CML automatically became a UK Approved Body on the 1st January 2021. From this date, Eurofins CML will be able to provide the UKCA equivalent services to those currently provided as a Notified Body for the ATEX Directive.

Japanese Certification

As the first foreign recognised inspection body, Eurofins CML can with immediate effect provide a bridge for companies exporting to Japan. We can help you through the complex certification requirements and therefore save you time and money in the Ex certification process. Our office in Tokyo, Japan is also ready to assist you with mandatory document translation and local regulatory compliance advice.

MET Approvals

For North America and Canada, all hazardous location (Hazloc) equipment must be assessed and approved by a NRTL (Nationally Recognised Test Laboratory) before installation. To demonstrate compliance, manufacturers can have their product assessed and tested by Eurofins CML (a MET NRTL site), and upon completion display the MET mark. The MET mark enables customers, end users, and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to confidently recognise that the product has been assessed and tested by a NRTL and has been verified as compliant against the applicable standards/requirements for North America and Canada.

MSHA Testing & Approval Services

Eurofins E&E CML have a wealth of experience in certifying Ex equipment for mining applications, and more recently we have added MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) to the approvals that we can assist manufacturers with.

Ex Quality System Certification

Eurofins CML supply ATEX Quality Assurance Notifications (QAN) and IECEx Quality Audit Reports (QAR) through a team of auditors based around the world. All have experience in auditing in multiple locations and with a range of protection methods.

Quality Management System Certification (ISO 9001)

Eurofins CML offers Quality Management System certification against ISO 9001:2015 through a team of auditors based around the world. All have experience in auditing in multiple locations.

Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems to ISO 13485: 2016

ISO 13485 is the internationally accepted standard a medical device organisation can implement to demonstrate compliance with MedTech legislations. Obtaining ISO 13485: 2016 Certification with Eurofins E&E CML Ltd allows you to demonstrate worldwide recognition for your organisation’s compliance with the ISO 13485 requirements. You can find more information here:

Laboratory Testing Services

Eurofins CML operate a UKAS accredited and IECEx test laboratory that can provide test reports for the full range of Ex tests required for hazardous area approval. UKAS accredited and IECEx partial ExTR reports can also be issued to assist clients with hazardous area approvals with other certification bodies, where capacity problems or lack of expertise are causing delays.

Ingress Protection Testing

Eurofins CML has a fully equipped Ingress Protection (IP) testing capability at our UKAS Accredited laboratory. All our IP testing is done in accordance with IEC 60529 and either in support of hazardous area product approval or standalone projects we will assess the protection capability against solids and liquids of your equipment.

Technical Compliance Support

To assist in preparing a product for certification Eurofins CML can provide a technical compliance service which offers advice product compliance with the relevant standards, advice on the compliance process, sample and documentation requirements and evaluation of your product design. We can also provide pre-compliance testing which can be used in support of any subsequent product approval project.


Eurofins CML have developed a range of training courses tailored to support the needs of our clients.  Designed by experienced engineers the courses aim to provide an in-sight into the world of International compliance.We have a range of programs that cover ATEX, IECEx, North America and Functional Safety that can help you comply with International standards, gain an insight into the compliance process and understand quality audit requirements.