IECEx Certification


Based on similar principles and standards as the ATEX product approval system, the IECEx scheme is internationally recognised and allows manufacturers to demonstrate conformity with international standards and offer their products for use in hazardous areas all over the world subject to local legislative requirements.

The IECEx scheme ensures products that are for use in potentially explosive atmospheres are compliant with the global range of IEC standards.

Many national approval schemes can use the IEC standards and certification as their base. Having a product approved by an IECEx CB such as Eurofins CML can be used to demonstrate significant compliance with national schemes, there-by reducing the need for extensive additional testing and assessment. Access to many markets is additionally facilitated by using Eurofins CML’s partnership and agreements which improves the speed and extends acceptance of Eurofins CML’s test and assessment reports and certificates.

This allows products to be placed in markets worldwide in a cost effective and timely manner.

Eurofins E&E CML Limited is an accepted ExCB (certification body) and ExTL (test laboratory). We can assess and test your products against IECEx standards and supply you with an IECEx certificate of conformity (C of C) and test report (ExTR)

For more information on using IECEx approvals to gain access to international markets please see our market access section

IECEX Assemblies

Eurofins CML are able to issue ATEX and IECEx certificates for items of certified equipment that are connected together to form an assembly. These items are typically skid mounted with wiring and connections completed between the items by the skid manufacturer.

The connections and installation design is under the scope of IEC 60079-14. Eurofins CML have registered personnel who are able to conduct assessment against this standard and, with the issue of IECEx DS 2015/001A (October 2015) we are able to issue an IECEx Certificate of Conformity for the assembly. The certificate provides an additional level of assurance that the installed cables and cable glands, protection level of the certified items etc, meets the requirements of IEC 60079-14 and the customer


Eurofins CML are also able to offer training for manufacturers on IEC 60079-14 installation design, and a range of other courses on specific protection methods and hazardous area knowledge

IECEx non-electrical equipment

The new ISO/IEC 80079-36 and ISO/IEC 80079-37 were published in 2016. This means that non-electrical equipment can be certified, under the IECEx scheme, for use in explosive atmospheres.

The IEC 80079-36 is the standard which covers the basic protection method for the requirements for non-electrical equipment and IEC 80079-37 covers non-electrical equipment for protection methods for constructional safety, control of ignition sources and liquid immersion.

The route to compliance is the same as IECEx approval of electrical equipment. As well as a product assessment and an IECEx Certificate of Conformity, a Quality Audit Report (IECEx QAR) is also required to define that the manufacturing process of the equipment is in line with the product approval.

Please contact us for more information regarding non-electrical approval under the IECEx scheme



To apply for new product approvals in line with the IECEx scheme please download our application form and return to us via our contact page or, for further assistance please call us on 0151 559 1160 or email


An IECEx certificate, unlike some other product certificates, does not have any validity period attached to it that requires a product to be re-certified. However, changes in the design of the product can require that product certificates need to be updated. Unlike other schemes there is no requirement to keep the certificate up to date with any later editions of the IEC standards that may be introduced

Eurofins CML not only provide this service to holders of Eurofins CML certificate, but, manufacturers holding approvals from other notified bodies can take advantage of our certificate transfer service that whilst moving the product approval to Eurofins CML design and standards changes can be completed at the same time.

For further advice and guidance on certificate changes, updates and transfer please contact us or complete the application form.


Should a holder of an IECEx certificate change either the name or address of the company that manufactures the product then they are required to update any IECEx certificates with the new company details.

For further advice and guidance on certificate changes, updates and transfer please contact us or complete the application form


Eurofins CML can provide trade agent certificates for IECEx approved products. An IECEx trade agent is an organization that is not the original manufacturer of the equipment, but is responsible for placing the product on the market under their own name.

The name and address of the trade agent appears on the product labeling and certificate and not that of the manufacturer.

The IECEx trade agent certificate must be issued by the same notified body that originally issued the IECEx certificate to the equipment manufacturer.

For further advice and guidance on trade agent certificates please contact us or complete the application form.