Japanese Certification


As the first foreign recognised inspection body, Eurofins CML can with immediate effect provide a bridge for companies exporting to Japan. We can help you through the complex certification requirements and therefore save you time and money in the Ex certification process. Our office in Tokyo, Japan is also ready to assist you with mandatory document translation and local regulatory compliance advice. You can contact our Japanese office direct by emailing cmljapan@cmlex.com.

Ex Certification for Japan

Prior to 2017 the only certification body that could issue certificates that were accepted in Japan was the Technology Institute for Industrial Safety (TIIS). Eurofins CML previously successfully operated under an agreement with TIIS that enabled Eurofins CML’s own test data to be accepted by TIIS for certification. Due to new regulations, this agreement and all other TIIS agreements come to an end on 31st March 2017. Following this change to the Japanese Industrial Health and Safety regulations, and a rigorous application and review process by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), Eurofins CML is now an overseas recognised body under the new regulations. Eurofins CML can offer Ex certification valid in Japan without the need for further certification or review by local government agencies or certification bodies.

We help you through the requirements and differences when accessing the Japanese market. The certification requirements are detailed in Japanese law in a way that is different to the broad principles of other regulations such as the EU directives.

The traditional method for certification requires a product range to be divided by: amongst other things; protection method; temperature class; apparatus group; and even critical component list. Each certificate then requires its own documentation pack which details only those features that are to be certified in the variant. As a result, this produces many certificate document packages and makes the application process difficult to prepare and administer. The Eurofins CML  method makes significant changes to this process that solves many of these issues. Clients are invited to contact Eurofins CML and discover more detail about how we can help.

The Eurofins CML approach to customer service and its rigorous certification method helps keep documentation in a single file, enabling you to track and maintain the certification much easier. An English language version of the certificate will also be provided for an easy reference.

Those clients who are used to Japanese certification will be aware that a change to the product design would result in retesting and a new certificate being issued. Eurofins CML maintain a record of the existing test information and only require additional tests that are necessary because of the changes made. The existing certificates are amended and issued.

We have produced a downloadable guide that helps you through the certification process and helps to ensure that you get your Ex products certified quickly and cost effectively. We also detail the documentation required in order to begin your certification process.

Please contact us for any questions you may have. We also offer you a free technical call.