Technical Compliance Support


Obtaining hazardous area approval and technical compliance support for manufactured products can be a complicated issue. Understanding the issues associated with compliance to Ex standards and how they need to be addressed when designing a new product, can, if not addressed correctly lead to delays which can affect both the time it takes to get the product to market and the cost of the approval.

To help manufacturers avoid these problems we offer a technical compliance support service (TCS) which offers, before a project begins, guidance, advice and support from our team of engineers and laboratory technicians on the many issues of compliance with the relevant standards that need to included in the design and manufacture of equipment.

Using our TCS service you can:

  • Discuss the application of certification requirements of your product.
  • Understand the relevance of the standards for product design.
  • Evaluate sample and testing requirements
  • Establish timescales and costs.
  • Have your product undergo an initial evaluation against the standards.
  • Conduct pre-project testing.

Experience has shown us that customers using this service not only gain valuable knowledge for the product certification project in question, but carry the knowledge forward onto new projects

You will deal directly with an engineer who is an expert in the standards associated with the protection concepts you are aiming to achieve and we can conduct the service either at our Cheshire office and laboratory, at your premises, or via phone, email or video conferencing.

Please contact us or complete our application form for more information on technical compliance support