Functional Safety Certification


Functional Safety certification according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards is a growing requirement for manufacturers of equipment in the process control industry. The use of these and related standards for product and system assessment is recognised across industry sectors (Process safety industry, machinery, railways etc) and has been identified as ‘good practice’ by the UK Health & Safety Executive.

The process establishes a target Safety Intergity Level (SIL) 1,2,3, or 4) for each safety function carried out by the system, which has significant implications on the products used in the system. Designing or modifying a product, documenting the evidence of compliance to IEC 61508 and performing the reliability and qualitative assessments to achieve a required ‘SIL capability’ can be a daunting task. All this requires specialist knowledge and competence from many roles in the development, quality and manufacturing areas.

Eurofins CML can offer training delivered by a professional engineer with over ten years experience in functional safety assessment, using training material designed to get across key concepts and knowledge. The training can’t turn you into a functional safety professional overnight, but will give you the basis on which you can build competence. Eurofins CML can offer additional training, mentoring and support to help you develop your functional safety skills. We can also offer an independent review of your own assessment.

Contact us to discuss your applications and the services we can offer to help you achieve credible functional safety in your product range.

IEC 61508 Functional Safety Advice and Training

Functional safety is about ensuring that safety instrumented systems have the appropriate dependability for the risks they are controlling. At Eurofins CML our expertise in functional safety means we can offer a straightforward approach to helping equipment manufacturers attain functional safety certification. For full details on our approach to functional safety certification please download our guide and if you require a quotation please use the quote application form below. Eurofins CML also offer a functional safety training course for equipment manufacturers. For further details please refer to our training page or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

IEC 61508 Functional Safety System Certifications

Eurofins CML’s functional safety system certification evaluates system integration activities, from a defined starting point through to either factory or site acceptance test (FAT or SAT) in accordance with IEC 61508 and related standard.

IEC 61508 Functional Safety Product Certifications

Eurofins CML’s functional safety products certification establish the safety integrity levels(SIL) of products that combine to form a system in accordance with IEC 61508 and related standard.

IEC 61508 Functional Safety Technical Support

The purpose of Eurofins CML’s technical support for functional safety certifications is to help manufacturers learn the essentials of functional safety as it applies to either products or systems. We can guide you through the aspects of the IEC 60150 and related standards and how to achieve functional safety capabilities and performance levels.