UKCA Personal Protective Equipment


Eurofins CML has extended its scope to include UKCA certification for Personal Protective Equipment. Working with our partner organisation in Italy, Eurofins CML is able to offer expert knowledge, backed up by accredited test facilities.

Clients are able to make an application either through Eurofins CML using the ‘Contact us’ icon on the right of this page or through the following links:

Eurofins Product Testing Italy

Eurofins E&E CML Limited no longer offers UKCA certification for clothing, footwear or gloves, we no longer offer UKCA certification for diving equipment, hearing protection or noise protection. We continue to offer Module B and C2 PPE UKCA certification for respiratory protection and Module D harmful biological agents and substances which are hazardous to health.

Please follow the link below for all the information you need regarding UKCA Personal Protective Equipment Certification:

Download our UKCA PPE Certification Rules