Market Access


Based on our development of certification agreements with global contacts Eurofins CML can facilitate access into international hazardous area markets by using our Market Access Scheme.

Manufacturers of equipment for use in hazardous environments can use Eurofins CML as a central contact point to assist in obtaining certifications in International markets by using existing IECEx assessment and test reports as the base for National Approvals.

Through the trust based relationships we have developed with other leading Global certification bodies in most cases we can remove the need for any additional testing and assessment of your products.

By using Eurofins CML’s Market Access Scheme we can facilitate your global approvals in a cost effective and timely manner.

By following the links below you can learn more on the specific territories we can assist you in accessing and selling your products

For more details please contact us for further details

North America

Eurofins CML offers certification for the USA and Canada in conjunction with our US NRTL colleagues in Eurofins E&E North America (MET Labs). The certification offered provides the user with the ability to apply our NRTL mark, the MET mark. For more information visit our dedicated page here.

TRCU – Customs Union (RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN etc.)

NANIO CCVEEurofins CML have an agreement with NANIO CCVE to accept our IECEx test report data which can be used to support applications for TRCu EX certification for products to be used in the customs union of Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.


Eurofins CML have established a relationship with CPEx in Brazil to use our IECEx data as a basis for the issue of INMETRO approval to allow hazardous area products to be used in Brazil.

China – Surface Industry

Ex NepsiFor the Chinese surface industry hazardous are market manufacturers seeking for approvals of NEPSI/SITIIAS can address applications according to Chinese and/or IEC requirements to Eurofins CML.

China - Mining Industry

China MA CentreFollowing a market changing agreement. Eurofins CML are the only UK based certification body from whom the MA Centre in China will accept test and assessment data for use in gaining approvals for products used in the Chinese mining industry.

South Africa

MASCMining and surface certification (MASC), South Africa will accept Eurofins CML’s IECEx data to support applications for South African product approvals


Eurofins ITRICML have put in place a certification agreement with the Industrial Technology Research Institute Taiwan. IRTI will now accept Eurofins CML’s IECEx test and assessment reports to issue Taiwanese product certification


The current Industrial Health and Safety Law in Japan requires Group II explosion-protected electrical equipment to be certified by a recognised testing and inspection body. Eurofins CML is permitted by the Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare to issue these certificates.

The certificate has a specific format and wording, and additional requirements must be met, therefore only Eurofins CML certificates with the JPN identifier are accepted in Japan.